35 Stunning Fireplace Makeover Ideas

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Is the look of your fireplace boring? Does it decrease the beauty of your living room? If so, you need to do something. By stunning fireplace makeover, the beauty of your fireplace will back. It will beauty your living room, too. There are many ways to makeover your fireplace. You can choose from the simplest to the most complicated. Take the best one and apply it to your fireplace. It would be wonderful.

You can makeover your fireplace with Halloween nuance. It’s simple. And of course you will get an interesting fireplace. It you need to repaint it, it’s better for you to apply grey as its color. You can combine it with beach sand color. It will look on the white wall and the dark brown wooden flooring. Let’s start to decorate it. You may place TV on its sill. Frank it with flowers vases on the both sides of the TV.

Add a small bonsai plants but high on the back of the vase. Choose a bonsai without leaves and flowers. It would be more beautiful if you choose a bonsai that rise from sill to ceiling. Then, you can put glasses candles in front of the TV. It will not cover your TV because the candle glasses are not too high. Don’t forget to show off your fireplace makeover through the ceiling lamps. Install two ceiling lamps right over the fireplace.

Beauty of fireplace can be made more stunning with decoration on the floor around the fireplace. You will show off the Halloween sense there. Halloween is close with pumpkins. You may use pumpkins dolls around it. Don’t forget to spread a rug. You will place the pumpkin dolls on it. If you don’t like to use dolls, it’s also possible to use pumpkin-shaped trinkets. It will be wonderful.

If you never show your creative mind in your house, it’s nothing wrong if you try to work with your own ideas. By combining the fireplace makeover with your imagination, you will get a stunning fireplace.

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25 Interesting Exterior Color Schemes

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When we talk about a greatness of a house, color is one of important things to be considered. It has an important role in creating a wonderful house. By applying right colors, you will get a wonderful house as you want.

You can differentiate the colors between interior and exterior of your house. It’s a bit different. You’d better to apply waterproof paint for the exterior color schemes of your house. It will be durable with the extreme weather. Besides, you also need to choose interesting color. It will make your house look wonderful as it’s the outside of your house that can be seen.

On the other hand, you also need to pay attention to the interior color schemes. Don’t let your interior house boring and not stylish. Choose the great colors and apply them to your house. Colorful can be applied as the exterior color schemes of your house. You will not use only one or two colors, but more than two. Let’s see.

Your house which consists of two floors can be painted with different color. First, you can begin to apply white on the window frames on the second floor. White frames that frank glass windows look elegant and modern. Pair it with green and white. You may divide its side to be two parts. One is painted with green and the other is colored by white. While on the other side, you can combine purple and white as its color.

If you like to show something interesting, you can apply yellow and white on the third side and gray on the last side. To make your exterior of your house charming, it’s possible for you to paint the wall of the first floor with pink and green on the bottom part. It will look great when the yellow light illuminate your house. If your house is surrounded by fence, you may paint it with black. It’s cool in combining with your colorful house.

If you love art and you can paint, you can perfect the interesting exterior color schemes of your house with your paintings. Simple but attractive are a good way for your house. You will stay there happily.

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15 Excellent Basement Finishing Ideas

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Do you have a basement? Hasn’t it fished yet? If so, try to apply excellent basement finishing ideas to make it perfect. Basement is one of spaces in your home that unfortunately if it’s not utilized. You can use as a home theater, gymnasium, library, or other room you want.

You can start by making sure that your basement is dry. It is really important. When your basement is still damp or wet, it could create a lot of moisture and bring it into the basement. After you are sure that your basement is dry, you can begin to suspend your ceiling preconceptions.

If you need to have access to electrical and plumbing systems in your ceiling, suspended ceiling tiles are the way to go. Otherwise, with a drywall ceiling, you’d have to create access panels. Then, you can color it with cream. Before you place the furniture there, you need to pay attention to the lighting. Give your lighting a recess.

Recessed lighting is great for basements since you don’t want fixtures hanging from a low ceiling. Because there’s limited natural light, basement lighting is essential to brighten up the place. Next, you can add some warmth at the baseboard. Basement is the coolest room in the house, so baseboard heating is an excellent choice. Don’t forget to paint the wall.

Try to use same color as the ceiling. It will make your basement looks more spacious. But before you painting the wall, you need to put some furring there. By installing furring strips on the wall, so you will have a 1/2 – inch of space between the interior wall and the moisture on the outside wall.

Now, your basement is ready to be use as a home theater. It’s the last of excellent basement finishing ideas. Place large screen on the wall. Frank it with two big photo frames. Put the sound system in the corner. As the seat, you may use sofa and lounge chairs.

Add a coffee table to place snacks and drink while watching a movie. Perfect it with some cushions. Those are the excellent basement finishing ideas that can be applied to your basement. Get a nice basement and enjoy being there.

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20 Interesting College Dorm Ideas

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Do you have to back to your dorm? Maybe you will still like to stay at home longer. Moreover if your room is more interesting than your dorm, you don’t want to leave it. But, it can be solved by presenting interesting college dorm ideas. By applying those ideas, you will feel at home during living in the dorm.

Besides, you may also bring your dearest and most favorite stuff with you. Take your blanket, a decoration, a cushion, a lamp or anything that might create a home-like feeling. Then, put them in the dorm.

Although you want to bring your favorite stuff at home with you, it doesn’t that you don’t need to manage your room. Let’s see. Maybe you will not get a dorm as large as your room at home. Yet, you can manage it to be interesting. You can start the first of college dorm ideas from the background color selection. The room which is not too large will be narrower if you apply dark colors. So, it would be better to paint you room with white.

White will make your room more spacious. On the other hand, you can also choose any colors to be combined with it. Then, you can decorate your bed. Start by covering your bed with a pink and green flower bedcover. It looks charming on the white couch. Add plain green and pink pillows. If you need more space to store your stuff, you can use the space under bed as the storage. Let the bedcover hanging down, so that you stuff will not visible.

In front of the windows, you can place a study desk with a chair. Try to use green desk and pink chair. They will show your soul as a college student. Beautify its look with fresh yellow flowers in a glass vase. Don’t forget to place a white opening book shelve on the right side of your desk. Spread a green rug. Sit on it when you feel bored studying on your desk. End the interesting college dorm ideas by wall décor. You may hang your photo frames or paintings. Frank them with white wall lamps. You will get a room as amazing as yours at home.

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10 Cool DIY Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Do feel that your bathroom is so boring? Has it been old? Do you need to present new atmosphere there? Well, don’t worry about that. By DIY bathroom remodeling, you will get a new bathroom nuance. As a place where you can refresh your body, a bathroom should not only be clean and cozy but it also should be interesting so that you can enjoy bathing there. You will not spend much money to do that because you can do that on your weekend. Besides, it’s also easy to do.

You can start remodel your bathroom from the theme color. If you think that your bathroom is really boring, you need to repaint the wall and the ceiling. You can paint the wall with turquoise and apply white as the ceiling color. Then, see the sink. You can use boards in the warehouse to be made cabinets. Place them under the sink as storage. The mirror frame that has been worn can be repainted. Pain it with white. Does your turquoise wall still blank? It will certainly be boring and not stylish.

You are able to lose the blank wall with opening shelves. They can be made them yourself. Boards that are painted with green are attached on the wall with glue or nail. Place them beside the mirror. Put your toiletries there. To beautify its look, you can place yellow flowers in a white vase. Replace the lamp shade of the wall lamps with the new one. You simply cover it with fabric. Use interesting fabric that’s not used anymore in your closet. It will be interesting DIY bathroom remodeling.

In the wet area, maybe you hang a curtain to close your bathing activity there. Change the old curtain with the new one. Try to choose a green fabric with cream stripes to make your curtain. Add green and white doormat to keep the cleanness of your bathroom. If your previous bathroom looked quite fresh, you can put a green potted plant in the corner of the bathroom. It will be very natural. You will feel comfortable and satisfied to bath in the bathroom with DIY bathroom remodeling.

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