Everything you need to know about the sperm whale

Known to be the animal with the biggest brain in the world, the sperm whale is an animal that still holds many secrets for us. It is often confused with another well-known underwater species: the whale. The sperm whale has its own particularities that we will try to approach.

The imposing physique of the sperm whale.

Also called the toothed whale, the sperm whale is an animal that imposed by its 20 meters and that can reach 41 tons at the adult age. With its large brain, the sperm whale obviously has a huge head that is practically one third of its body and that is very easy to recognize. Like its sister whale, the vent that allows the sperm whale to expel air have been located above its head. Contrary to its head which has the shape of a cuboid its tail is triangular thanks to him, you can easily teach geometry to your children with this animal, and you can teach them more things by visiting this website https://www.do-you-know-about.com/. Dark gray in color with some spots on the belly, the sperm whale is also an animal that molts much more in warm water. The skin it gets rid of is used as food for other fish.

Life in society

Sperm whales are animals that live in community, they have been said to be gregarious. The females of this species tend to return to where they were born in order to reproduce. Very attached to their group, sperm whales spend most of their life in community even if it can happen that at a certain age the male prefers to live alone. The fact of living allows sperm whales to protect themselves against predators. Despite their imposing size, sperm whales also have predators. The first enemy of the sperm whale is man, but also the killer whale and the pilot dolphins. The main tactic of these predators is to move a young whale away from the troop in order to attack it.