Hyenas are extremely complex animals.

The Lion King has greatly influenced our way of seeing hyenas. Perceived as stinking scavengers who are always looking for meat to steal, hyenas have an unusual way of life that is worth a little more attention. We will show you everything you need to know about this animal from sub-Saharan Africa.

A total matriarchal society.

Contrary to our society hyenas are matriarchal that means that it is the females who have full power over the males. It is not by buying them flowers that they will rectify the draw, if you also want to offer flowers to a loved one have a look at this website https://www.things-you-must-know.com/. We do not wish you to be reincarnated as a male hyena, once you are born you can end up killed by your sister. If you are lucky and survive the murder attempt orchestrated by your family, the misfortune does not stop there. At the age of two the clan kicks you out, and you are now forced to look for another clan that will accept you. Finding themselves totally at the bottom of the ladder, the males will constantly be discriminated against. The males will never be treated well during their life, and their life expectancy is twice as short as that of the females.

The revolt.

No, the males can't revolt to hope to re-establish a certain balance between the way they are treated in the clan and the way the females have been treated, and this for several reasons. The first reason is reproduction. A male hyena who rebels has no chance to reproduce, and we don't want him to pass on his rebel genes to their descendants. Moreover, the female hyenas are much bigger and stronger than their male counterpart, but their feminine superiority has been able to last thanks to their unwavering collaboration the males have no chance to triumph and can only suffer in silence.