Parler App Is Back!

Against all odds, the Parler app has been reported back and stronger with features that new and prospective users will have a field day using.

Back After the Capitol Hill Seize

This Twitter-like app was banned from use in platforms like Google, Apple stores, and Amazon's web hosting services. This was in the aftermath of the mob attack on the 6th of January that happened at Capitol Hill.

The company’s spokesperson explained that the app was back better and stronger and promises to serve its new and prospective users effectively and efficiently for a long time. Currently, the app is only open to existing users while new users will have to wait for about a week before they can sign in.

It should be noted that the reinvention of this app may have come at a cost. This is in light of how the vocal chief executive – John Mate; has been dismissed. Proactively, he has since been replaced with a new vocal chief executive – Mark Meckler.

New Technology

The company says it now works on sustainable independent technology. This is rather than being dependent on external sources for its effectiveness to users.

The new vocal chief executive - Mark Meckler; further explained that the reason why other tech companies decided to stop the corporate relationship with Parker was for political reasons. He stated that they want to silence the numerous voices and opinions of thousands of Americans.

The current problem with the app is it is still difficult for new users to sign in to the platform. Furthermore, the app has to be installed without common options such as Google Play Store for Android users.

Following the fact that Trump's Twitter ban was what made Parler app popular, the company continues to stress that it is still relentlessly committed to free speech and privacy. However, the question lingering on everyone’s mind is the fate of this app even now that the whole Trump drama is over.

The ability of this app to carve a niche for itself despite its many obstacles will be central to its success in the corporate world.