Things are Getting Worse in Texas in Light of the Extreme Weather Conditions

Texas residents woke up to peril as the weather took the wrong turn. The winter downpour got more serious and has turned the state into a perilous one leaving citizens in a very frightening situation.

How Bad Is the Situation ?

It was reported that the heavy winter downpour has been going on for two days and is not getting any better. The fear is that the weather conditions are not showing any signs of becoming better in the coming days.

As a matter of fact, many professional sources have been sending warning alerts to citizens. This is so that they can brace up for the days ahead and make plans if necessary.

Basic amenities like electricity supply have been greatly affected and the citizens are hoping that the situation can be resolved as soon as possible.

How Residents Are Taking Things

Many citizens of the state are in misery as the weather drops below convenience levels. Over five million are now suffering electricity outage due to the ineffectiveness of the electric power grid that has been affected by the winter storm.

This is coupled with the fact that there is an increasing number of residents in need of power supply than the grid can supply.

Places such as the International airport have been negatively affected and they are only hoping that things return to normalcy as soon as possible.

Many people were forced to face the risk of driving to find better shelters as it is equally dangerous at home. This is since there is no electricity to keep them warm.

The National Guard has also helped in getting old and vulnerable people into warm shelters. There are more causes for concern as 4 people have been reported dead in the state.

Even the Covid-19 vaccine distribution in the state has faced challenges and might not work as initially proposed.